Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement   
"Nourishing the spirit of everyday heroes"

By: Chaplain Cary A. Friedman
"Nourishing the spirit of everyday heroes"
About the Author

Chaplain Cary A. Friedman is a police trainer specializing in stress-management and ethical decision-making and Associate Director of the Law Enforcement Survival Institute (LESI). A consultant to the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) since 2000, he has spoken at the FBI Academy and on FBITN satcasts, and regularly addresses LE audiences across the USA.

A police, prison, and hospital chaplain, Chaplain Friedman is the author of seven books (including "Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement," "Wisdom from the Batcave," and "The Superhero Handbook for Cops") and numerous articles (published in the FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin, the Gazette of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other journals).

Chaplain Friedman can be reached at SSLE@spiritualsurvivalbook.com.