Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement   
"Nourishing the spirit of everyday heroes"

By: Chaplain Cary A. Friedman
"Nourishing the spirit of everyday heroes"
Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement
By: Chaplain Cary A. Friedman

The career of policing is an intensely spiritual vocation and avocation, and 
the men and women who enter law enforcement are intensely, intrinsically spiritual. It’s a common phenomenon that the same families produce cops
and clergy in abundance, because the two careers are expressions of the
same basic instinct -- a desire to live for something higher, to serve an ideal,
to minister to humankind, and to refine one’s character through a career of service.
The greatest challenges, and the worst disappointments, of the career are
almost always spiritual in nature; cops confront situations that challenge
some of their most deeply cherished notions and beliefs. Without an
effective way to replenish that supply of spirituality, it is possible to end
up in ‘spiritual overdraft,’ or, if the situation is never addressed or corrected,
in ‘spiritual bankruptcy’ -- that’s when officers hurt themselves, the people
around them, and the honor of the profession.
Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement provides a solid, substantive foundation
for nourishing the soul of the cop and replenishing his or her reservoir of
idealism and spirituality.  
Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights, this
practical guide restores inner peace and clarity.  A 'must have' for all new
and seasoned law enforcement officers!

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